State Biologist Profile: Utah’s Frog Lady


Paula Trater has been monitoring frogs near Utah’s Provo River since 1992. As this article in the Salt Lake Tribune notes, her business card says biological technician for the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission, but folks on the river have come to call her “the Frog Lady,” a title that, she admits, is easier than her official one.

Find out about Paula Trater’s work, including a 3+ minute video and a slide show in the Salt Lake Tribune, here.

Note about video: There will probably be an ad. Sorry about that. It’s YouTube’s ad, not mine, though.

Florida’s Researcher Spotlight: Jim Rodgers

As we begin a recurring feature, profiles of state research biologists, we find that the state of Florida has already been profiling their own researchers for quite some time. So why not get the party started early, with this profile of Jim Rodgers, ornithologist.

Jim Rodgers has always wanted to be a wildlife biologist, well, either that or a professional surfer or fishing boat captain. He’s adjusted his career goals only slightly since his mid-teens, switching from marine biology to birds.

Consistency has paid off: Rodgers has studied wood storks and snail kites, two of the continent’s most fascinating bird species. Up next? Gull-billed terns.

Read the entire profile on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website, here.